Cast of characters


Alighar, kingdom ruled by King Corwyn Karlstad.
Hovas, capital city of Alighar
Yorvik, the realm of House Aus Ruthro. A small province of Alighar that forms the eastern border of the kingdom.
Merryville, the largest town in Yorvik.
Falcon’s Hollow, village in north-east Yorvik near the Darkmoon Vale and Droskar’s Crucible.
Droskar’s Crucible, a ruined dwarven monastery.
Darkmoon Vale, forest on eastern border of Yorvik.
Fallen Fortress, the partially collapsed middle tower of three ancient elven fortresses along the Yorvik eastern frontier.
Wyndyn River, the river that runs east-west across Yorvik.
Pike, Yorvik village near the Fallen Fortress. Subject to troglodyte raids.
Uther, Yorvik village. Was home of exiled food hoarders House Jolet.
Fravel, Yorvik village. Forcefully ejected Vellum.
Dempton, large Yorvik village north of Merryville.
Thera, hostile empire from across the western sea.
Savage Lands, unexplored territory east of Alighar. Homeland of various savage races.

Dramatis Personae

Corwyn Karlstad, king of Alighar

House Aus Ruthro & subjects

Joren Aus Ruthro, human fighter/aristocrat. Arnten’s father. Captured while fighting the Theran invasion.
Nienna Aus Ruthro, Arnten’s deceased mother.
Arnten Aus Ruthro, half-elf cavalier (Chris).
Cormac, Arnten’s noble steed.
Merryl aus Ruthro, Arnten’s deceased great grandfather
Cora Amster, halfling bard (Sabrina). Grand diplomat for House Aus Ruthro.
Jim Darkmagic, elf wizard (Arie). Magister for House Aus Ruthro.
Kellin Arvindr, elf sorcerer (Matt). Retired.
Lorauvial Fletcher, human fighter (Lily). General for House Aus Ruthro.
Raven, half-elf rogue/druid (Emma). Marshall for House Aus Ruthro.
Paws, Raven’s wolf companion.
Tenacious, human cleric (Scott). High priest for House Aus Ruthro.
Vellum, dwarf inquisitor (Marshall). Councilor for House Aus Ruthro.
Mogar, human ranger (Dylan).
Jemetari, elan telepath. Spymaster for House Aus Ruthro
Maester Cedrick, human expert. Maester and Treasurer for House Aus Ruthro.
Kellan Birkeland, human warrior. Commander of the Yorvik keep nearest the fallen fortress.
Edgrin Galesong, halfling bard rescued from Bloodscale kobold captors.
Thuldrin Kreed, human expert/rogue. Gavel of the Falcon’s Hollow Lumber Consortium.
Kimi Eavewalker, child missing from Falcon’s Hollow.
Hollin Hebbradan, child missing from Falcon’s Hollow.
Mikra Jabbs, child missing from Falcon’s Hollow.
Jurin Kreed, child missing from Falcon’s Hollow.
Savram Vade, child missing from Falcon’s Hollow.
Edgrin Galesong, halfling bard. Member of Gray Eagles adventuring group. Rescued from Bloodscale kobold captors.
Mekapa, Bloodscale kobold midwife.
Twenty-six Bloodscale kobold infants.
Oleg Leveton, a human merchant who runs a trading post on the eastern border of Yorvik.
Svetlana Leveton, Oleg’s wife.

House Wyncotte

Vonvyk Wyncotte, human fighter/aristocrat. Father of Lady Brianne. Refused peace terms offered by Therans.
Lillesan Wyncotte, human aristocrat. Deceased wife of Vonvyk.

Brianne Wyncotte, human aristocrat.
Devan Wyncotte, human cavalier. Eldest son of Lord Vonvyk. Killed fighting the Theran invasion.
Engan Wyncotte, human cavalier. Middle son of Lord Vonvyk. Killed fighting the Theran invasion.
Mandal Wyncotte, human fighter. Youngest son of Lord Vonvyk. Killed fighting the Theran invasion.


Pai Sumathi, emperor of Thera
Tathar Falassion, Theran envoy

Rebel Lords

Kesten Garess, a lordling of House Garess, which made terms with the Theran emperor, has left his house in protest. He seeks a traitor named Falgrim Sneeg


Ulizmila, deceased(?) human witch. Lived in a hut in the Darkmoon Vale.
Jhod Kavken, the exiled cleric of Erastil seeks the lost Temple of the Elk.
Haps Bydon, one of the Stag Lord’s bandits. Captured at Oleg’s Trading post.
Kressle, female bandit lieutenant of the Stag Lord. Killed by Lorauvial.
Tyran Moonsliver, elf wizard. Member of Gray Eagles adventuring group. Killed by Jekkajak.
Merlokrep, Dragon King of the Truescale Kobold tribe.
Vreggma, Merlokrep’s consort.
Jekkajak, senile shaman of Truescale tribe. “He Who Forgets More Than You or He Knows.”

Cast of characters

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