Pathfinder Warlords

Session 11
Raid on the mite nest

Experience points from session 11:
R3 – one mite, two centipedes, one swarm = 370 XP
R4 – Four mites and Trap = 200 XP / 400 XP
Six mites, two centipedes = 330
R5 – One mite = 35
R6 – giant whiptail = 100
R7 – five mites and giant hissing * cockroach = 330
R8 – six mites and mite adept = 365
Total = 2130
+ 11550 XP (current experience level)
= 13680 total XP

Loot from session 11:

  • 24 small blowguns
  • 25 small daggers
  • 24 small short swords
  • 25 small leather armor suits
  • 216 blowgun darts
  • 3 small darts
  • 48 doses Giant Whiptail Centipede Poison (Ex) — injury; save Fort DC 14; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d4 Dex; cure 1 save
  • 900 gold coins (split 50/50 with the sootscale kobolds)
  • Svetlana’s gold ring
  • +1 leather armor (small)
Session 10 - XP and loot

Experience points from session 10:
Four brush thylacines = 265 XP
Six mites = 265 XP
Midden pit trap = 200 XP
Gelatinous cube, advanced = 265 XP
Session gain = 995 XP
+ 10555 XP (current experience level)
= 11550 total XP

Loot from session 10:
• Mites: six small blowguns, six small daggers, six small short swords, 48 blowgun darts, 8 doses Giant Whiptail Centipede Poison (Ex) — injury; save Fort DC 14; frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; effect 1d4 Dex; cure 1 save

Session 9: Available missions

Missions from the Rebel Swordlords
• Kill or capture the Stag Lord and break up his band of brigands. Reward is 6 build points.
• The Sootscale kobolds dwell in a cave somewhere in the hill country. Normally not a problem, they’ve been riled up by something lately. Find their lair, meet with the Scootscale leaders, and find terms for an alliance. Reward is 10 build points.

Missions at Oleg’s:
1. Kesten Garess, a lordling of House Garess, which made terms with the Theran emperor, has left his house in protest. He seeks a traitor named Falgrim Sneeg.
2. Jhod Kavken, the exiled cleric of Erastil seeks the lost Temple of the Elk.
3. Wanted: Bandits
4. Wanted: Tatzlwyrn
-5. Wanted: Tuskgutter
6. Find moon radishes for Svetlana-
7. Find Svetlana’s wedding ring

Loot and XP from session 9
Exploring the savage lands

Experience points from session 9:
Tuskgutter = 200 XP + 200 XP mission bonus
Rickety bridge = 265 XP
Radish patch = 200 XP + 200 XP mission bonus
Spider nest = 200 XP
Explored six hexes = 90 XP
+ 9200 XP (current experience level)
= 10555 total XP

Loot from session 9:
• Tuskgutter reward = 500 gold pieces, ten magic +1 animal bane arrows, and head cheese (5 days of trail rations)
• Rickety bridge = Magic rod of enlargement, 60 gold pieces, masterwork scimitar, 4 darts, 12 javelins, 4 spears (all medium size)
• Moonradish soup reward = 250 gold pieces
• Spider nest = Medium leather armor, medium masterwork short sword, 10 gold coins, and a silver Stag Lord amulet worth 20 gp. A scrap of paper that bears a simple drawing of a claw-shaped dead tree atop an otherwise barren hill, with an “X” in blood scrawled by the tree’s roots.

Expanded rules for kingdom building

The expanded kingdom building rules include new types of terrain improvements and city buildings.

Download the expanded kingdom building rules from our Facebook group

House rules for exploration

Rules for overland movement, random weather, and getting lost.

Download the exploration rules from our Facebook group

The tale of Merlokrep

Mekapa, the kobold midwife, proves a chatty traveling companion. She’s eager to share the lurid tale of her luckless former king. The reign of Merlokrep, first of his name, all-mighty Dragon King of the Truescale Kobolds, suffered misfortune from the day of his coronation. When his consort, Vreggma, slipped on the dais steps and poked out the king’s eye with one of the points of his own crown, he should have known his rule would be ill-starred. Even when a third of his subjects perished in haphazard mining excavations to retrieve more gold trinkets for his demanding consort, Merlokrep remained undaunted. When the foul “creeping shadows” rose from the dark caves below and withered his finest warriors to skeletal husks, the Dragon King acknowledged defeat. He gathered his most sycophantic followers and, taking only what they could carry (mostly gold baubles), they fled up and away from the spreading darkness. Exiled from their comfortable warren on the lower levels, the kobolds took up residence in the catacombs beneath an abandoned Dwarven monastery. Merlokrep and his few surviving followers did their best to eke out an existence among the other dangerous denizens of their new home, but Merlokrep’s tribe continued to shrink with each passing week as accidents, attacks by their new monstrous neighbors, and the king’s own homicidal outbursts of rage claimed more and more of his people.

Growing trepidation over the slew of hardships faced after Merlokrep ascended the throne finally jarred the memory of the tribe’s senile shaman, Jekkajak, called by many “He Who Forgets More Than You or He Knows.” At a tribal dinner of stewed goatherd, Jekkajak suddenly lurched to his feet and babbled forth a dread prophecy long tucked in some cobwebbed corner of his crusty mind: “When the Doomed King sits the Throne, our great tribe gasps its last breath! To save our people, we must wash the curse from the crown with the blood of pink-skin-spawn!” As the last word left his mouth accompanied by a dribble of stew, Jekkajak slumped face-first into his bowl and Merlokrep’s path became instantly clear. The only way to save his tribe from annihilation lay in the blood of the pink skins’ squishy children. In the dark of night, he sent forth his sneakiest to steal the pink-skinned babes from their strange fluffy beds. Before the kidnappers even reached the town, though, destiny intervened on their behalf. As luck would have it, on the very evening Merlokrep’s band of minions emerged from the ruins, a group of children from Falcon’s Hollow, their curiosity piqued by tales of Lord Arnten’s discovery of the forgotten monastery, picked their way through the gloom toward Droskar’s Crucible. When the kobolds caught sight of these fresh pink morsels blindly bumbling through the dark, they quickly subdued them, and dragged the children back to their king in triumph. But Jekkajak struggled to recall the proper protocol for the sacrificial ceremony. While Jekkajak dithered, factions within the kobold tribe began to whisper about overthrowing the cursed Merlokrep, his avaricious consort, and the addle-brained shaman. They lacked the courage to act boldly, and so died defending a king they had lost faith in.

Loot from the kobold caves

250 silver
1030 gold (in coins, jewelry, artwork)
40 doses of small centipede poison (worth 1800 gold)
16 flying talons (small) can be sold for 120 gold
10 crossbow bolts (small)
“Man Feller” a magic +1 human bane battle-ax (medium)
“Heartripper” a magic dagger (medium)
“Crown of the Kobold King” a magic crown
“Grasp of Droskar” a magic gauntlet (medium)
Cloak of resistance +2
+1 magic light crossbow (small)
+1 magic dagger (small)
masterwork hand axe (small) can be sold for 153 gold
masterwork studded leather (small) can be sold for 87.5 gold
masterwork heavy pick (small) can be sold for 154 gold
masterwork club (small) can be sold for 150 gold
2 potions of Owl’s Wisdom
Slippers of Spider Climb
Boots of Elvenkind
Suit of mithral full plate armor

“Glintaxe” a magic +1 battle-ax that sheds light in a 20 foot radius

Crown of the Kobold King
Aura strong transmutation; CL 12th
Slot helmet; Price 15,000 gp
Description: Wearing the crown grants a +2 enhancement bonus to Charisma and a +2 natural armor bonus. You are immune to the frightful presence ability of all dragons. If you are a sorcerer you cast spells at +1 caster level.

Aura moderate conjuration, divination, and
evocation; CL 10th
Slot weapon; Price 11,302 gp
This +1 dagger is granted baleful powers when used in bloody sacrifice. Whenever used to deliver a coup de grace, the Heartripper Blade pulls the victim’s still-beating heart free from his body. You may then consume the heart to gain any of the following abilities.
You may eat the heart to gain a simultaneous remove disease, restoration, and cure serious wounds effect. You may utter a command word and cause the heart to burst into flames, after which the Blade becomes a +2 flaming burst dagger for 1 hour. This consumes the heart. You may speak a blasphemous second command word to cause the heart to boil and smoke. Breathing in the smoke gives you glimpses of the future or far off places and objects, granting you the ability to use divination or scrying. This consumes the heart.

Grasp of Droskar
Aura moderate transmutation and divination;
CL 10th
Slot gauntlet; Price 12,302 gp
This left-handed black iron gauntlet appears little more than a dull soot-stained plated glove at first glance, but in truth it is a powerful boon granted by Droskar to his most faithful subjects. Placing the glove on your left hand causes excruciating pain as your appendage curls into a tight fist and then slowly transforms to supernaturally hard black stone. You cannot use your left hand for anything beyond smashing it into objects or creatures (you cannot carry a shield or secondary weapon and you take a –4 on skill checks that usually require two hands). The gauntlet cannot be removed without a successful casting of remove curse, break enchantment, or a similar spell. The gauntlet grants you a +2 enhancement bonus to Strength and acts as a +1 adamantine gauntlet. The item also grants you the ability to use the gauntlet as a secondary natural weapon. In addition, the Grasp of Droskar allows its wearer to use stone shape once per day.

Wrapping up the rescue

You take Vregma, the kobold king’s consort, prisoner. Mekapa, the kobold midwife, accompanies you with the 20 eggs and six infant kobolds. Edgrin Galesong, the halfling adventurer who helped organize the children’s escape attempt, weeps when told the fate of his friend Tyran Moonsliver, killed by the kobold shaman. Edgrin insists on seeing Tyran’s body and ensuring that it is buried properly. That task done, you quit the monastery and make to return the children to Falcon’s Hollow. The village constable offers use of his jailhouse for securing the prisoners.

Their loved ones greet the returned children with embraces and joyous tears. Thuldrin Kreed throws a celebratory feast. Some villagers react with fear and hostility toward the kobold captives. Their anxiety and antipathy subsides when Lord Arnten declares the kobolds prisoners under his protection.

Falcon’s Hollow has benefited from Yorvik’s recent annexation of darkwood forest territory to the east. As village closest to the forest, Falcon’s Hollow has become the main processing center for darkwood timber.

House Kreed pays tribute to House Aus Ruthro with a gift of trade goods, jewelry, livestock, timber, furniture, wagons, carts, plows, and tools worth two build points to Yorvik’s treasury.

The village craftsmen make gifts of their finest handiwork.
⁃ Arnten: a darkwood lance
⁃ Vellum: a darkwood light repeating crossbow
⁃ Cora: a masterwork whip or darkwood heavy shield
⁃ Raven: a darkwood composite shortbow (strength 14)
⁃ Lorauvial: a darkwood composite longbow (strength 16)
⁃ Tenacious: a darkwood crossbow (light or heavy)
⁃ Darkmagic: a darkwood quarterstaff or darkwood crossbow (light or heavy)


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