Pathfinder Warlords

Session 9: Available missions

Missions from the Rebel Swordlords
• Kill or capture the Stag Lord and break up his band of brigands. Reward is 6 build points.
• The Sootscale kobolds dwell in a cave somewhere in the hill country. Normally not a problem, they’ve been riled up by something lately. Find their lair, meet with the Scootscale leaders, and find terms for an alliance. Reward is 10 build points.

Missions at Oleg’s:
1. Kesten Garess, a lordling of House Garess, which made terms with the Theran emperor, has left his house in protest. He seeks a traitor named Falgrim Sneeg.
2. Jhod Kavken, the exiled cleric of Erastil seeks the lost Temple of the Elk.
3. Wanted: Bandits
4. Wanted: Tatzlwyrn
-5. Wanted: Tuskgutter
6. Find moon radishes for Svetlana-
7. Find Svetlana’s wedding ring



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