Pathfinder Warlords

Loot from Droskar's Crucible



  • wand of Protection from Evil (28 charges)
  • potion of cure light wounds
  • potion of bull’s strength
  • scroll of protection from good
  • scroll of spiritual weapon
  • scroll of mending (caster level 5)
  • masterwork tools for Craft (stonemasonry)
  • 50 feet of silk rope
  • healer’s kit
  • +1 throwing axe
  • repeating light crossbow
  • silver masterwork light hammer with symbol of Droskar (worth 200 gold)
  • masterwork shortbow
  • composite longbow (Strength 14)
  • Four +1 flaming crossbow bolts
  • Six Kobold smoke sling bullets (touch attack, Fort DC 13, nauseated for 2 rounds)
  • 100 platinum coins
  • 867 gold coins
  • 72 silver coins
  • 300gp magic ruby
  • Illuminated book of dwarven hymns to Torag (worth 300 gold)
  • book of dwarven prayers to Droskar (worth 50 gp)
  • Soulspeaker: Shrunken head amulet. Once per day a soulspeaker can repeat a message as if the spell magic mouth were cast upon it. (worth 2,400 gold)
  • The Ring of Torag: The wearer of the ring gains fire resistance 10 against the first fire attack that hits him that day. This protection renews itself every morning at dawn. In addition, the wearer receives a +1 resistance bonus on saves made against fire spells and effects. The ring must be worn for 24 hours to have any effect. (worth 1,200 gold)

divide by 8 = 315.5 gold



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