Pathfinder Warlords

Loot and XP from session 9

Exploring the savage lands

Experience points from session 9:
Tuskgutter = 200 XP + 200 XP mission bonus
Rickety bridge = 265 XP
Radish patch = 200 XP + 200 XP mission bonus
Spider nest = 200 XP
Explored six hexes = 90 XP
+ 9200 XP (current experience level)
= 10555 total XP

Loot from session 9:
• Tuskgutter reward = 500 gold pieces, ten magic +1 animal bane arrows, and head cheese (5 days of trail rations)
• Rickety bridge = Magic rod of enlargement, 60 gold pieces, masterwork scimitar, 4 darts, 12 javelins, 4 spears (all medium size)
• Moonradish soup reward = 250 gold pieces
• Spider nest = Medium leather armor, medium masterwork short sword, 10 gold coins, and a silver Stag Lord amulet worth 20 gp. A scrap of paper that bears a simple drawing of a claw-shaped dead tree atop an otherwise barren hill, with an “X” in blood scrawled by the tree’s roots.



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