Pathfinder Warlords

First Pathfinder session

Here’s a summary of our first Pathfinder session:

The Cast:
Chris: Lord Arnten aus Ruthro (Half-Elf Cavalier)
Arie: Jim Darkmagic (Elf Wizard)
Scott: Tenacious (Human Cleric)
Marshall: Vellum (Dwarf Inquisitor)
Sabrina: Cora Amster (Halfling Bard)
Lily: Lorauvial Fletcher (Human Fighter)
Emma: Raven (Half-Elf Rogue)

Lord Arnten granted an audience to a few common folk who wished to petition him.

The first was a farmer whose four sons joined Arnten’s father’s army, leaving him with no labor to harvest his crops. Lord Arnten decided to give the farmer custody of some orphans if he promised to care for them.

Next, a pair of soldiers brought forth a young man caught stealing apples. Lord Arnten ordered the thief branded and sent to work in the fields.

Lastly, an elder of the realm’s largest village warned that the village’s food stores would not last the winter. Lord Arnten decided to free up some of the castle’s store of siege rations to help feed the people.

A raven delivered a letter to Lord Arnten from Lady Brianne Wynkotte, of neighboring House Wynkotte. Her father, Lord Wynkotte, is old and infirm, and so did not march with his army. Instead, he sent his sons. Lady Brianne also stays behind to care for her father.

A second raven brings news from one of the keeps on the borderland. The commander reports nighttime raids on settlements near his keep by foul smelling reptilian humanoids. Darkmagic identifies the creatures as Troglodytes. The keep commander reports sending two scouts, who tracked the raiders to one of the ancient elven fortresses. They were stunned to discover that the fortress had partially collapsed. It appears that the raiders are using the fortress as a base. The keep commander says that he lacks the manpower to storm the fallen fortress and awaits instructions.

Lord Arnten decides to personally investigate with his circle of friends and advisors. Together, they set out on the primitive dirt road that leads north-east to the keep by the fallen fortress.

About 300 yards from the keep, the expedition encounters an ox-drawn wagon that has stopped due to a broken axle. Six figures appear to be feasting on the ox and two teamsters — zombies. All this is within sight of the keep. The group attacks and destroys the zombies. Afterward, they notice several crossbow bolts in the ground that appear to have come from the keep. Entering the keep, Lord Arnten confronts the commander who confesses that he ordered his six soldiers to stay inside the keep until the zombies went away. Lord Arnten accepts that the keep lacked the manpower to fight off the zombie horde.

The expedition overnights at the keep. In the morning, party members see smoke on the horizon. It’s coming from a burning hamlet. About ten small wooden structures. A handful of bodies, including the charred remains of a toddler.

Approaching the fallen fortress, the group appraises the damage. The tower has four wings, in a clover shape. One of the wings has collapsed. Skirting around a pack of wild dogs living in the rubble, the investigators find a crater in the ground.

Raven the rogue sneaks into the first open door on the ground floor and is attacked by a giant spider. The session ended with the defeat of the spider and subsequent greyhawking of the room.



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